Efecte Negative Filme Horror, Stres si Adrenalina asupra Corpului si Psihicului Uman


Puteti citi mai jos cateva informatii despre Efectul Filmelor Horror, al Stresului si al Adrenalinei secretate in exces, asupra corpului si creierului uman. Aceste cateva informatii le-am gasit in urma unor cautari pe Google in engleza, pe google in romana si pe google scholar in engleza. Cu siguranta exista mult mai multe informatii pe net cu privire la efectele negative ale filmelor horror si filmelor de actiune asupra fizicului si psihicului uman, dar nu am dat de ele la o cautare rapida. Invit pe toti cei care au dat peste materiale asemanatoare sa lase link-uri relevante printr-un comentariu. Multumesc.

In timpul vizionarii filmelor de actiune si mai ales in timpul filmelor horror, corpul secreta adrenalina si cortizol pentru a fi pregatit de un raspuns rapid la pericolul pe care il vede. Creierul uman NU face diferenta intre imagini video / filme si REALITATE. Acele “spikes of adrenaline” care au loc in timpul filmelor si mai ales filmelor horror au efecte nocive asupra sanatatii umane. (Atentie! Aceste “spikes” / eliberari bruste de adrenalina au loc si in parcurile de distractii – rollercostere etc.)

Unii dintre noi stim deja ca filmele au efecte negative asupra creierului si sanatatii in general, efecte pe care popoarele lumii NU le cunosc. Mai jos veti putea citi cateva detalii concrete legate de efectele negative asupra corpului uman pe care le au filmele.

Daca NU stim exact ce efect au proiectiile video asupra psihicului si fizicului uman, daca vedem ca exista informatii concrete care ne spun ca au un efect NEGATIV, cum sa ne mai expunem la asa ceva?

CUM SA ITI LASI COPIII SA SE UITE LA FILME, mai ales la filme Horror?

Informatii despre Efectele Filmelor Horror si Adrenalinei asupra Corpului Uman, culese de pe net:

Dupa urmarirea unui film horror s-au inregistrat la persoanele analizate Cresteri Semnificative in Circulatia Periferica a Leucocitelor (globule albe), Cresteri Semnificative ale Globulelor Albe Activate, Cresterea Concentratiei Hemoglobinei si Hematocritului, Cresteri Semnificative ale Pulsului si Presiunii sangelui.
Observing a Fictitious Stressful Event: Haematological Changes, Including Circulating Leukocyte Activation
The aim of this study was to assess the effect of watching a psychological stressful event on the activation of leukocytes in healthy human volunteers. Blood samples were obtained from 32 healthy male and female subjects aged between 20 and 26 years before, during and after either watching an 83-minute horror film that none of the subjects had previously seen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974) or by sitting quietly in a room (control group). Total differential cell counts, leukocyte activation as measured by the nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) test, heart rate and blood pressure (BP) measurements were taken at defined time points. There were significant increases in peripheral circulating leukocytes, the number of activated circulating leukocytes, haemoglobin (Hb) concentration and haematocrit (Hct) in response to the stressor. These were accompanied by significant increases in heart rate, systolic and diastolic BP ( P <0.05 from baseline). This is the first reported study on the effects of observing a psychologically stressful, albeit fictitious event on circulating leukocyte numbers and the state of leukocyte activation as determined by the nitrotetrazolium test.

Filmele Horror produc Cresterea Coagularii Sangelui

Adrenalina secretata de corp se leaga de Receptori din Inima, Artere, Pancreas, Ficat, Muschi si Grasime; Creste Productia de Insulina si Sintetizarea Grasimilor si Zaharurilor; poate Slabi Muschiul Inimii, poate Produce Atac de Cord sau Blocarea Inimii; poate afecta Functionarea Creierului in mai multe moduri; Micsorarea Hippocampusului (centrul memoriei) sau Inflamarea Hippocampusului si Blocarea Productiei de noi Neuroni; se leaga si in Hipotalamus, Glanda pituitara; Efect Negativ Profund asupra Memoriei.

Adrenalina se elibereaza la FRICA, ANXIETATE, FURIE, DISTRACTIE – EXCITEMENT. Slabeste Sistemul Imunitar, Cauzeaza Ulcere, Disfunctii Cardiovasculare, si chiar Efecte Negative asupra ADNului, care pot duce la Imbatranire Timpurie, Cresterea Tumorilor, Pierderea Sarcinilor la Femei, Depresii, Anxietate.

Blocheaza productia de Testosteron.
Emotional Stress
As discussed in this site on the page on hormonal balancing, emotional stress is a frequent cause of decreased testosterone levels. When the “fight of flight” alarm reaction system is active, stress hormones such as adrenaline, nor adrenaline and cortisol are released. These hormones that are released to protect our lives have catabolic activity. This means they catabolize (breakdown) body stores of fat and protein to be used for acute resources of energy and immune response. They go even one step farther and inhibit all anabolic processes has well. Because in life or death situations the body does not need to build muscle, eat, have sexual thoughts etc. processes that require vital life energy, all anabolic (building) processes including testosterone are shut down.

Expunerea Îndelungata la Stres si Adrenalina poate cauza Boli.

Filmele Horror produc Anxietate si Fobii, Insomnii, Cresc Agresivitatea si Violenta, oferind o alternativa sigura la lumea reala unde tinerii si adultii isi pot explora instinctele si impulsurile negative/criminale, fara repercusiuni… Cine garanteaza ca acele sentimente “negre” / instincte / impulsuri / trairi negative din timpul unui film horror nu se vor manifesta si in viata reala?
Horror movie provides a safe substitute for the real world, where kids can explore their darker instincts, impulses and fears without real-life implications.

Filmele Horror activeaza FRICA in telespectatori. De fiecare data cand simtim frica, se dezvolta sentimentul de frica din subconstient, si ajungem sa traim viata reala in mai multa frică. (paranteza: din experimentul cu Cainele Pavlov INTEGRAL stim ca organismele PARALIZEAZA / Ingheata / nu mai pot functiona la frica exagerata)
– Fear is one of the personality defects that are predominant in everyone to a larger or smaller extent, and it is a root cause of many other defects and various mistakes and sufferings that people experience in life. Hence in order to have a happy life, we should make efforts to reduce fear, which leads to a calmer state of mind, more self-confidence, better relations with other people and numerous other benefits. Since horror movies are mostly based on activating fear in viewers, they go directly in the opposite direction and instead keep increasing our impression of fear.
– Each time we feel fear, we further reinforce the impression of fear in the subconscious mind, so by repeatedly being exposed to situations that make us feel afraid, we start feeling more fear in our day to day lives as well.
– As a result of increased fear the person can become more susceptible to depression, more closed to people, develop an inferiority complex and even develop more serious disorders like paranoia.
– As children’s minds are very impressionable, this negative impact of fear on them is even higher, and watching horror movies can cause them serious psychological problems that last much later into life.

Filmele Horror cresc nivelul de Adrenalina si Cortizol si pot cauza Reamintirea unor Evenimente Traumatizante din trecut. Coritzolul cauzeaza Probleme de Memorie si Dificultati Psihice.
Watching a horror movie can cause a spike in adrenaline and cortisol levels. That can trigger memories of traumatic events you have experienced, said Bruce McEwen, professor in the neuroendocrinology laboratory at The Rockefeller University in New York, and past president of the Society for Neuroscience. So if you have a bad memory that you don’t want to subconsciously rehash, it would be best to avoid this genre until you’re ready. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-06-22/health/sc-health-0622-movies-impact-on-body-20110622_1_horror-films-intense-movies-birgit-wolz

In ciuda tuturor efectelor negative ale filmelor horror, acestea se produc din ce in ce mai mult. De ce oare?



Emilian, 26 sept 2017, ceicunoi.wordpress.com. Facebook: Ce-i cu noi? – un blog educativ despre comportamentul uman

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