Iphone X introduce Scanarea si Recunoasterea Fetei pentru Folosirea Telefonului


Consumatorii obsedati de gadgeturi si tehnologie moderna vor fi mega-incantati sa afle ca Iphone introduce Scanarea si Recunoasterea Fetei (Face Recognition) pentru Folosirea noului smartphone Iphone X. “Apple’s next generation smartphone will unlock using face recognition, thanks to infrared and 3D sensors within its front-facing camera. Reports indicate that the face scan and unlock system will be almost instantaneous and require no buttons to be pressed, being always “on” and ready to read your face. Android users can expect similar face unlock features as well. For the millions of people who will soon depend on face recognition to check their email, send a text, or make a call, it will be quick, easy to use, and yes, pretty cool. ” (sursa: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/sep/13/facial-recognition-iphone-x-privacy)

Saracii de ei nu inteleg ca scanarea fetei prin senzori ultraperformanti aflati in camera foto din fata a telefonului, este o noua metoda de inregistrare si stocare in Dosarul Electornic a datelor biometrice ale oamenilor. Se pare ca si telefoanele cu Android vor introduce curand recunoasterea fetei.

Multi naivi s-au bucurat de optiunea de a-ti debloca telefonul sau a-l folosi pe baza amprentei (cu scanerul special de preluare a amprentei aflat in multe telefoane). Astfel, in Dosarul lor Electronic exista deja amprenta lor. Acum, daca vor folosi noul sistem de recunoastere faciala, isi vor trimite in Dosarul Electronic si forma fetei, irisul si ce s-o mai prelua prin acei senzori ultra performanti. Continue reading